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AQABA is your connection to a wealth of resources all aimed at increasing your profitability, adding value and customer satisfaction. Whether you provide products, services, or solutions, partnering with AQABA pays off. You gain higher credibility, a new level of differentiation, increased competency, greater visibility, and a stronger relationship with AQABA and your customers.

Our Search Engine Marketing Reseller Partner Program is perfect for Web Designers, Web Hosts Web Directories and Marketing Firms who want to offer their clients professional and ethical Search Engine Marketing Services. We implement 100% ethical marketing techniques with no spamming and consistently achieve top placement. Our program is designed to deliver value-added services, technical expertise, and higher levels of satisfaction to your customers.

Join our free Reseller Partner Program today and take advantage of this opportunity to expand your services by offering value added services to your list of services with a credible company like AQABA. Our Referral Program pays commissions on initial sales secured and ongoing commissions for websites you initially secure who stay with us on our Monthly Promotions. We will do 100% of the marketing and consulting from start to finish. You earn commissions on every SEO and PPC package you sell by calling us and referring a customer directly or by sending us leads that need a follow up.

Increase your customer retention
Easily bundled into your current product or service offerings
Enhance your current offerings
100% of our clients achieve top placement in the major engines.
We will do 100% of the Internet marketing and consulting under our brand.
Commission checks paid monthly.
We do not compete with you. We do not pursue additional business with YOUR clients such as
   web design services. (See NDA)

Who should resell AQABA's SEO services?
Web design companies
Marketing firms
Internet marketing professionals
Public relations companies
Advertising agencies

Become a Registered Partner is a requirement of becoming a AQABA Certified Partner.
    Complete the SEM reseller form.
Reseller must have an existing web site.
Reseller cannot use unsolicited email to promote our SEM services.
Reseller Web Site must practice ethical SEO methods.
Reseller must have a section of your web site dedicated to promoting search engine
Reseller must place a link from your search engine optimization page to
Reseller must have direct access to update your website on demand.
Reseller web site cannot be a template web site.

Our Process:
AQABA considers itself to be a value-added component of your business. More often than not, you will have an established relationship with the client. Frequently, the client doesn’t even know the search engine placement work has been outsourced to a professional SEO firm. In circumstances like these, it is best for your company to handle the client relationship and contract AQABA for SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING SERVICES.
Value-Added accounts are generally fast and easy to coordinate as all participants speak the same languages and have well informed professional knowledge of the industry and challenges involved.

Where we start?
The process for reseller accounts generally follows these steps:

Initial consultation and proposal

» Your company contacts AQABA with a request for proposal (RFP), including a proposal deadline date.
» AQABA reviews RFP and either prepares proposal within 48 hours of the proposal deadline or calls you for clarification.

Your review of AQABA’s Proposal and client consultation
» AQABA, reseller and your client discuss the website optimization based on information provided in the proposal.
» Client either agrees to proposal or requests more information. If the client requires more information, please inform AQABA as soon as possible so we can research, prepare and forward whatever the client needs.

Your client accepts our proposal and indicates he/she wishes to proceed
» AQABA requires a payment before we are able to commence our work. Details of this deposit are outlined on the AQABA Service Agreement.
» Upon receipt of payment, AQABA commences website optimization work. Sometimes the optimization effort requires the purchase of unique domain names and new the creation of portal websites. We will have discussed these elements and responsibilities in our proposal document.

Reporting and Communications
» AQABA will forward monthly reports to your office allowing you to review them before sending them off to your clients. AQABA sends out reports within 3-business days of the reporting month ending.
» AQABA would also prefer to communicate with the client directly.

» a one-time10% commission is paid on SEM set-up fees.
» 10% monthly recurring residual commissions paid on all SEM monthly services.
» Commissions are paid within 10-days of all payments received from reseller referred accounts.

Technical Requirements:

Website Changes
» There can be no modifications once AQABA has optimized and submitted a website within the initial 4 week submission period without notification. If changes are a frequent occurrence, please notify AQABA so that additional labor hours can be added to the final cost.

FTP access
» All web pages should be designed in basic HTML if possible.
» Generally it is easier if we have FTP access to the server the website is hosted on. Sometimes that is not possible, especially with Value-Added Reseller accounts. If we cannot have FTP access, we will .zip the optimized website after saving an original copy and forward the .zip file to your office for posting to the host server. Please indicate to AQABA who in your organization will be responsible for uploading these files.
» If we are allowed FTP access, we will accept responsibility for uploading optimized files to the host server.
» AQABA’s process often requires minor modifications to the website to enhance or maintain rankings. If your client’s website requires updating and we do not have ftp access StepForth will work on the site and forward re-optimized pages in .zip format via Email.

Submissions, Standards and Maintenance
» In a perfect world, once AQABA has finished optimization on a specific web page, that page must remain unmodified for the duration of the promotion campaign. Any changes require notification and approval of AQABA.
» If changes will be necessary or are normally of frequent occurrence, please inform AQABA so we can build website changes into our optimization plan. It is best if we can speak directly with the person responsible for making changes to the site.
» AQABA performs all submissions manually. It is important that no other search engine submissions are conducted during our contractual period.
» Often clients will try an automated website submission service before committing to a more expensive optimization package. If your client has used automated submission services, please tell your AQABA representative and provide as much information as possible.

Internal SEM Process
Discovery » Development » Implementation » Launch » Management » ROI
Visibility »Creditability » Profitability


I wanted to take a moment to write and let you know just how pleased and happy I am with the great results AQABA Search Engine Marketing has done for us here at

-- Rachna Pradhan

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